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  • Bex T.

    Bex T.

    🥇Top 10 Writer in AI, ML and Data Science | https://www.linkedin.com/in/bextuychiev/

  • Daniel Bojar

    Daniel Bojar

    Machine Learning, Glycobiology, Synthetic Biology. Strong opinions, weakly held. Fascinated & Inspired by Counterintuitives. @daniel_bojar & dbojar.com

  • Ahmad Barclay

    Ahmad Barclay

    Architect & UX designer. Census dataviz at @ONS. Previously @ImpactVI. Interested in design, politics & the art of influencing people with numbers

  • Dhia Shakiry

    Dhia Shakiry

    Creative web developer @ a London Museum

  • Zito Relova

    Zito Relova

    I write about data science and machine learning.

  • Autodesk University

    Autodesk University

    Learn, connect, explore. The official account for Autodesk University.

  • Tomaz Bratanic

    Tomaz Bratanic

    Data explorer. Turn everything into a graph.

  • Daniel Deutsch

    Daniel Deutsch

    Data Science and Business Law. https://www.createdd.com/

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